A new-look menu of the restaurant “AULA“ continues old restaurant traditions formed since 1997 – an exclusive attention to the quality of products and freshness – new combinations of food products and forms of their representation are offered as well.

Restaurant AULA uses mainly local products from Lithuanian farms located in different regions of Lithuania. The restaurant menu states the origin of most of the dishes: here you will find fallow-deer and country chicken from Vikaviškis, Lithuanian well-nourished bull, Curonian Lagoon zander or nectar and juices from Babtai.

One of our must-try dishes is homemade blue cheese or ginger ice-cream. In our restaurant we also offer fresh-baked bread, homemade dumplings or kvass.

For our customers we offer sense of Lithuanian countryside – local products from Lithuania’s food suppliers, combined with modern Lithuanian cuisine.


Chef de cuisine – Andžėj Žukovskij

Here you can download our food menu: MENU

Restaurant “Aula” cooperates with these Lithuanian farms:

J. Žydelis (Vilkaviškis) country chicken
Slow juice MANA (Babtai), juice
G.Prakapavičius farm (Molėtai region), cheese and meet
M.Sakalauskas farm (Ukmergės region.), berries, asparagus
A.Adomaitis (Užpaliai), nectar and juice
P.Tiknevičius (Babtai, Kaunas region); Jerusalem artichokes
R. Grajauskas (Panevėžys region), shoots
L. Gvazdaitis farm (Vilkaviškis region), game
A.Žėkas farm (Lazdijai region), vegetables
A. Jermakovičius farm (Švenčioniai region), cheese
A.Jokubauskas farm (Lazdijai region), cheese
Burokai farm (Ukmergės region), cheese

Here you can download our drinks menu: MENU